Before and After Preparation Sheet

Preparing before a spray tan is crucial, and can mean a difference between a good and a bad spray tan. The longevity of a sunless tan depends on the type of self tanning application, the skin’s natural exfoliation process, and on the skincare regimen followed before and after application. Here’s what you can do to help your tan last longer and look its best.


Exfoliate, Shower, and Wax/Shave.
Exfoliate your skin before getting the tan in the shower or bath. This can be done with a loofah sponge or an exfoliating body scrub. The spray tanning solution affects only dead skin cells. Your skin has a build-up of dead skin cells on top of it. The thicker the layer, the sooner it will rub off. If you exfoliate, the layer will be very shallow, and it will take a while for it to “build up”, and your tan will last longer.

Do not wear any lotions, deodorant, moisturizer or makeup.
These can all act as a barrier to the tanning solution and can result in a tan that is spotted, splotchy, or uneven.


During your Airbrush Tan you may wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Most female clients choose a bathing suit, underwear, or thong. Men must wear undergarments. Light colored clothing is not recommended due to the chance of staining, however, the solution is machine washable. Also, please remove any jewelry before your airbrush tanning session.


Wear dark, dry, loose clothing after your tanning session.
It is likely some of the solution will rub off onto clothing, sheets, etc., however, it is not permanent and will wash out. Wearing tighter clothing such as jeans, a tight shirt, socks, etc. immediately after can wipe the solution off before it can set in.

Do not sweat, swim, shower, bathe, etc. for at least 8 hours after getting the tan.
The solution needs plenty of time to set in the skin. Once you do shower, feel free to use a soft washcloth to lightly rub off excess solution. The color you may see washing off is NOT your tan, it is simply the bronzer color added to the solution. Common areas to pay special attention to lightly exfoliating include elbows, wrists, heels and ankles.

Limit shaving, exfoliating, etc. as much as possible.
Shaving over the spray tan can shorten the life of the tan by days because it can remove part of the top layer of skin.

Your tan will last longer on moisturized skin, however, do not apply moisturizer for at least 8 hours after the tan. High quality lotion is recommended, but many over-the-counter lotions will work just as well.

Use SPF!
Your airbrush tan will NOT provide protection from the sun.